Admissions Policy

Robinson Township Christian School accepts students who have successfully completed the application process and are academically able to function in a normal classroom setting.  The School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national, or ethnic origin.

Admission to kindergarten and 1st grade requires that the student be five or six years of age, respectively, by September 1 of that academic year.  However, exceptional cases will be evaluated on an individual basis.  Parents/Guardians should contact the Principal and request that their child enter kindergarten or 1st grade before he/she meets the age requirement.  The school Health Immunization Regulation known as Article 10 (1983) requires that the immunization status of every child is to be ascertained before admission to school or continued attendance at school.

Parents who wish to begin the process to enroll their child in Robinson Township Christian School should follow these steps in the order given:

  1. Parents must submit a completed, signed application and a $100 application fee.
  2. Students go through a process that might include interviewing, testing, and evaluating past school records.
  3. Parents must meet with members of the Education Committee/Board of Directors for an interview, addressing policy, curriculum, etc.

Transfer Students

The following guidelines will be used to determine if a transfer student is to be considered for admission to Robinson Township Christian School:

  1.  A record of school performance absent of suspensions and/or expulsions
  2.  Prior academic performance (a grade average of C- or better)
  3.  Preparedness for the next level of work
  4.  Constructive attitude toward the School and what it seeks to accomplish
  5.  Emotional stability
  6.  Financial obligations being satisfactorily met with former private school

If these guidelines are satisfied:

  1.  Students in grades 9–12 will be invited to visit the School for a day and interview with the Principal.
  2.  Students in grades 1–8 will be scheduled for a placement test.
  3.  The School will arrange for a parent interview after receipt of the application and all other guidelines are met.

The Board of Directors meets monthly.  Keep in mind that Steps 1–3 must be accomplished before the Board may vote, and the Board’s vote is necessary before the student may begin attending Robinson Township Christian School.

Admissions Information and Forms

Need an application packet?

If you are interested in having an application/informational packet mailed to you, or if you have any questions about our admissions process, please contact the school by calling 412-787-5919. 

Financial Aid Opportunities

RTCS Tuition Assistance Fund:

RTCS has a limited amount of scholarship monies available.  Families will be qualified for assistance through a third-party, Private School Aid Service (PSAS).

Follow the instructions outlined here, and complete the Student Aid Form.  The Form, any required documentation, and a check or money order in the amount of $27.00(non-refundable) made payable to PSAS should be forwarded to:

Private School Aid Service

P.O. Box 89434

Cleveland, OH44101-6434

The package you send to PSAS MUST BE POST-MARKED by July 1, 2016.

Families qualify for these scholarships through the EITC guidelines (below).  Prior to applying for this, you must first enroll your child for the 2014-15 school year.

EITC Income Guidlines

Number of Maximum Dependents             HouseholdIncome

(dependents = children)

1                                                                    $90,000    or less

2                                                                    $105,000  or less 

3                                                                    $120,000  or less

4                                                                    $135,000  or less

5                                                                    $150,000* or less

* add $15,000 for each additional dependent

Association for Christian Schools International General Scholarships: 

Other Opportunities . . . 

Explore on Your Own:

There are several organizations that offer financial aid to private and/or Christian schools.  The below links take you to sites that explain available funds and eligibility requirements.  Financial aid from these sources is not administered by RTCS, but you may be eligible for assistance.