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September 12, 2018
By Mr. Max Boelcke, RTCS Senior

Fifteen years seems to have gone by in fifteen seconds. I’m a senior at RTCS, and I have been there since my very first pre-school years. Every year has been a joy for me and has helped me learn more about the world around me. Not only have I learned more academically, but I have grown spiritually in ways I could never have at a public school. I find myself in the world always prepared to share the gospel and defend my faith to others because of the training I’ve learned at this school! If I had to choose the best parts about the school, I would be stuck between the community of the students or the wonderful teachers who are there. Both of these aspects have shaped me into the person I am today and helped me to see that a Christian understanding of the world is actually the only true and correct understanding of the world. Because of this training, I plan to go into the ministry to be a pastor and much of the reason is because of the training and love I have received at the wonderful place that is Robinson Township Christian School! Come join our family and be prepared to grow in your walk with the Lord.