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I Love Science!

April 08, 2018
By Mrs. Heather Smith, RTCS Science Teacher

I love science. I love science so much that in high school I took the CHS Chemistry and AP Physics classes, even though I knew I was going to be an elementary teacher who would never need to know chemistry or physics. But my love of science and journey to teaching it is a different story.


At some point I realized not everyone loves science as much as I do. In fact, some of my students enter my classes disliking science! Gasp! How could this be? And how am I supposed to teach science to students who don’t even like science? How do I turn a dislike of science into a love of science? The truth is, after eight years of teaching Upper School Science, I don’t know. I have seen students enter my classroom loving science, and leave still loving science. I have seen students enter my classroom disliking science, and leave disliking science. However, my favorite moments are when students leave my class with a greater love and appreciation for science than when they entered. I hope this is the case with most of my students; you’ll have to ask them.


If I had to point to where it all starts, I’d say it all starts with understanding what science truly is. There are many definitions for science, but they all revolve around knowledge or a systematic knowledge. I like to tell my students that science is a study of God and His world through observation and experimentation to gain a better knowledge of Him. When we study biology we are studying God’s handiwork in living things. From the intricacies of a single cell to the interrelationships of all the creatures in an ecosystem, God has perfectly designed every living thing. The more we study, the more we know, and the better we can worship our Creator Lord. The same is true of Chemistry and Physics and any other area of science. I believe a love of science comes from a love of God and a desire to know him more. If I can share that with just one student, then I consider myself a blessed teacher.
Robin says:
March 30, 2018 05:12 PM CST
This is awesome, thank you Mrs. Smith!