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June 10, 2018
By Mrs. Lindsay Shaffer, RTCS Choir/Show Choir Director
It has been no secret that this RTCS senior class is dear to my heart (and for those of you who are sick of hearing it, I promise that this will be my last social media post on the matter).
Christian school teachers often have to sacrifice a lot to work where they do. We give up good salaries, various titles and accolades, benefits, multiple planning periods a day, etc. Despite all of these "sacrifices", this job often does not feel like a sacrifice at all because of the students we are privileged to teach.
This class made my year truly enjoyable. They have challenged me with their talent (I had to keep learning new things to keep one step ahead of them) and good questions. I watched them deliberately work to build better relationships with those in the class they didn't know as well as the others. I overheard them mentoring and advising underclassmen. We had life chats and sang together. I watched them pursue God's kingdom and his righteousness.
When they testified at graduation of the Lord's work in their lives through RTCS, I couldn't help but feel so bonkers grateful that God placed all of us in this school family. Thank you, seniors, for making the 2017-2018 school year the highlight of my teaching career thus far, and giving me the encouragement to press forward in this calling. The benefits of teaching you far outweighed the hardships. It is incredibly encouraging to see students do what we teachers pray for and strive for - you became students that seek the Lord and his truth, growing in wisdom and knowledge and talents as he makes you able.
Don't forget what you know right now - that Christ is your treasure, and that everything else is secondary. I'll be here cheering you on in your race towards him.❤